We are what we have accomplished...

Pioneer the Jamaica Horticulture Industry

Pioneer the use of Drip Irrigation and Greenhouse culture.

Introduce Fresh Cut Flowers 1982

Leader in the distribution of Wholesale cut flowers

On-the-job training for school leavers interested in florist career

Innovate the culture of growing garden plants

Providers garden and growers supplies

First place winner for every Horticulture competition entered

Now offering fresh fruits and vegetables.

Shields and Shields is a leading pioneer in the development of Jamaica’s Horticultural Industry.

Shields and Shields has pioneered the growing, promotion and marketing of numerous aspects of Jamaican horticulture including the growing of many new commercial crops, introduction of commercial rose varieties for local florists, the promotion of garden roses, the use of drip irrigation and greenhouse culture, promotion of the use of cut flowers by housewives through the introduction of a cut flower center in 1982. The company also lead in the island wide distribution of wholesale cut flowers for florists, on-the-job training for talented school leavers who wanted to be career florists, and public seminars for florists. Other innovations include the use of pot culture for the growing of young garden plants replacing plastic bags and the use of 100% professional mixes for all its plants.

From its Garden Center at 122 ¾ Barbican Road, the company wholesales and retails garden and pot plants from its greenhouses as well as fresh cut flowers. It offers a leading gift center for floral bouquet, gift wrapped fresh cut flowers and plants and includes a optional express delivery service. Shields and Shields also offers a range of planters, containers, garden supplies and chemicals.

Shields and Shields has won the first place for every local horticultural competition it has entered!

In March 2010, Shields and Shields diversified its growing and distribution operations to include the wholesaling of fresh fruits and vegetables.